Food Cart

Another image that is iconic New York is the hot dog stand! There are lots of vendors in the city like the Middle Eastern Shwerma and gyro vendors, or the fruit and vegetable stands scattered all over New York City.  One of my favorites are the roasted nut vendors. In the winter here  you can smell them from a block away! A polish sausage vendor saved my life once- Well not really, I was lost and drunk coming from my friends bar called Pacific Standard in Brooklyn, on my way to Washington Heights. I stepped off the train and went for a walk and I found myself downtown near “Ground Zero”. I stopped for the best sausages on a bun I’ve ever had! Unlike the gourmet vendors all over Portland, Oregon these are very simple places usually serving the most industrial food available. You don’t generally know where the food is from and you can be pretty sure it’s not organic!


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