Roosters and mi Abuelo

My grandfather raised roosters for fighting. He passed away a while back but I still remember his ranch and all the different kinds of roosters he had. I decided to use this theme as a way to make a mock up for a comic and to see if I could actually do one. I made four pages and I’m very happy to have done this because it gave me a lot of hands on experience on how to actually make one of these books. I have to admit it is quite hard but I am looking forward to working on a much more extensive story.

Incidentally I got a chance to see Daniel Clowes here in a book store in SOHO last week. He has to be one of my favorite comic book artists.


One thought on “Roosters and mi Abuelo

  1. Brother,
    You must add a sketch of him when he would sit in the chair at the edge of the top corner . The edge of the field just after the bridge slightly before the chicken coop, He often sat with his rooster on his lap. While stroking, speaking to him with that calm consistence tone .
    Hand from top of his head ,down to the end of the tail feathers,back to top down each side to the tip of the wings.
    That rooster was like butter in his hands.
    We all would be playing in the field and I would stop to watch them and think WOW .
    Then johnny coming behind me, telling me “stay far away from that rooster “. He will do anything to protect my father “, He will even eat you”.
    OF COURSE I WAS SCARED . Johnny chuckled, so I would always keep my distance and every chance I could , I would continue to watch. Having SUCH RESPECT for a man and his rooster. And still think to this day WOW.

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