Soyuz Symposium 2013

Soyuz Conference Screen Shot

Over the last month I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff related to the 2013 Soyuz Symposium at Columbia University. You can catch a glimpse of my work scattered throughout their site (Click on the Photo for the Site) which I put together as well as their event Schedule. I took lots of photos that will go up soon on the site and you can already see some photos of Columbia that I took that take on the feeling of their theme which was Authoritarianism. The photos have a bleak winter feel but also seem inspiring.

Snip of Logo


This was poster was hung in the middle of Columbia University and will go to their archive now that it has been taken down.

The most important part of the whole project for me was to create the illustration of the Palace of the Soviets which features Vladimir Lenin on the famous Soviet building that was never realized due the the onset of WWII.  There’s lots written on the Palace of the Soviets but our goal here was to create an image that makes you re-think the building that was proposed by Joseph Stalin. A sort of re-think or de-construction of the building in the 21st century.

I”m very please with the results of the work I did for this event!

This image was a design exercise.

This image was a design exercise.


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