South Street Seaport Museum and Print Shop

Print Shop Store

Bowne & Co. Stationers is part of the South Street Seaport Museum. It is an excellent resource for 19th century printed matter including the use of printing presses. Recently they opened a studio next to the store to focus on preserving and sharing old printing methods.

Has anyone been to the South Street Seaport Museum and Print Shop?  The Museum was founded in 1967 and it is a contemporary and historic museum on the city of New York and the waterfront history. You’ve really got to check this place out and give them the much needed support by giving them a little business. The area in and around the South Street Seaport was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy last fall. Fortunately the museum and shop were not badly damaged.

Steam and Cobble Stones

The badly damaged streets and buildings in the South Street Seaport. Many of the buildings are still empty because of the saltwater damage to the ground floors and infrastructure in the neighborhood.

Printing Shop

South Street Seaport Print Shop. A real running print shop with many 19th and early 20th Century printing presses.

Print Shop3 Print Shop4 Printing Press South Street Seaport Museum Print Shop 2

South Street Seaport Museum

12 Fulton Street

Manhattan, New York

between Front and South Streets

Museum Hours

7 days a week, 10:00 am–6:00 pm


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