Morningside Park in Harlem, New York

Morningside Park

A Polaroid Land camera photo I took of the park from above.

Morningside Park may be one of the most overlooked parks in Manhattan  because it sits next to one of the greatest parks in the world Central Park. Unlike Central Park which occupies a large mostly flat part of Manhattan, Morninside Park is partly on a hill which can give you some great views of the city of Manhattan.

Morningside Park was built by those same landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux that built Central Park and it is located a couple of blocks from the north western corner of Central Park and divides lower West Harlem from the Morningside Heights neighborhood that encompasses Columbia University.


A well manicured park with just the right amount of wilderness in an urban setting. Lots of hills to look out toward Harlem.


Lots of comfortable places to sit in and around the park. In the warmer months you will spot many locals sunbathing and barbecuing.


Handsome stately architecture and many cultural institutions in and around Morningside Park


A small path that follows the hill above Morningside Park gives you the feeling of solitude much needed in a big city.


I spotted this beautiful bottle halfway submerged in the ground in one of the trails here. It made an excellent greenhouse for some local flora.


A basketball court full of children. Note there are plenty of well managed bathrooms in the area.


Some early spring flowers


The ground cover is well on its way for spring!


Another beautiful old apartment building facing Morningside Park

Morningside Park is a wonderful place with a shaded dog run, a children’s recreation center, several basketball courts, a small pond filled with turtles (seen in the warmer months), a track for running, small trails for walking and wonderful views of the city from the top of the hill above the park.  A must visit for those who are interested in beautiful hilltop views of Harlem and a pleasant peaceful walk in a shaded, green park setting.

For more information click here: The Friends of Morningside Park


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