Crew of the Battleship Yamato and The Battleship New Jersey

 Battleship New Jersey with Writing Battleship New Jersey

Over the holidays I made some sumi ink drawings for a family member. He is a big war history buff. I thought it appropriate to make a painting of the battleship New Jersey for him since he lives near it and always threatens to take me to see it. We still haven’t been there together but I hope to check it out because I’d love to make some photographs of it and perhaps a  few paintings. The project ended up being a little experiment into a narrative piece because I added a small watercolor of the crew with no faces from the Battleship Yamato. It doesn’t mean much as a piece but it shows you that there could be some potential narrative work here for an art installation. I also added some lettering to see how it would look together. I will have to think more about this idea further down the line.


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