Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn, New York


Old and New architecture in a city that constantly grows taller.


Kids hanging out at the Fulton Street Mall after school. You can spot the latest fashion trends in youth culture on this street.


There are many street vendors selling anything from cell phone cases to African beads here. Lots of friendly folks here willing to make a deal.


Though there are lots of small independent retailers here there is also a Macy’s department store on this street.


The entrance to the Fulton Street Mall coming from Borough Hall. Downtown Brooklyn is alive and thriving. Note the skyscraper.


Layers of advertisement and the history of a retail district all on the storefronts and facades of the buildings. It always pays to look up.

P1120271 P1120275 P1120276 P1120272 P1120267 P1120269

The warm weather inspired a walk down Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Mall with my camera. Perhaps one of the most lively parts of Brooklyn, this street is an excellent place to buy sneakers and clothes for the summer weather ahead. There are lots of great places to sit and watch the shoppers and pedestrians pass you by. Be on your toes because this is Brooklyn at its most frenetic pace.


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