Four Barrel Coffee

Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco Roasters in New York City

Four Barrel Coffee’s Ethiopian Single Source Coffee Heirloom Variety

You can get a good cup of coffee in New York (though this is a recent trend) but never as good as San Francisco.  A recent visit from a friend brought with her a gift of a bag of whole bean coffee from San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee shop and roasters. These folks are perhaps some of the best coffee roasters you can find on the West Coast of the U.S.A. If you get a chance to check out their shop in the Mission District, try a shot of their espresso (Take the “for here” option to get the classic espresso cup with saucer and demitasse and not a paper cup that taints the flavor and experience) and soak in the bohemian culture that makes up this neighborhood.

I will drink my coffee here in New York and pretend that I’m sitting in the Mission nearly 45 minutes from Sausalito on my bicycle or a short ferry ride away from my home in Oakland.

Four Barrel and Manhattan

San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee and Manhattan in the Background


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