Lonely Landscapes of San Francisco

Muni 1

MUNI train on a roundabout track making its way inbound from the Sunset District


1960’s apartments with overhanging MUNI wires.


A few notes on this series of drawings I’ve been making on the Sunset District of San Francisco. This neighborhood sort of haunts me in my dreams somehow. It’s such a lonely place. Perhaps I find it lonely because I’ve never lived in this neighborhood. Though for a time I had a girlfriend that lived in this area as she was going to school at SF State. During this time I was attending SF City College up near Ocean Avenue and I would ride my bike all over the neighborhoods in the area. There’s just this distinct feel to this part of the city that is unlike any other place in the Bay Area. I’ve taken lots of photos over the years with the hopes of making more drawings. When and if I am ever finished with this project I would like to have a show somewhere along Ocean Avenue or up on Taraval Street or anywhere along the Avenues. Perhaps I’ll title the exhibit Lonely Landscapes.


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