“After Used” cardboard + photo reprint, 2013

“The vivid packaging color of the batteries caught my eye during one of our many trips to the store here in Melbourne. When the contents were finished, I started to excavate the icons into the usual building silhouettes. At the same time, the photo was taken by Daniel Gallegos, that captured the stillness of Manhattanville’s 3333 Broadway, which will be surrounded by Columbia University. This piece reminds me of the low-income residents who are slowly vacating their apartments due to rental increases and replaced by middle-class residents. The building remains, but not the contents thus reminiscing the life of a battery.” -Then Siew FungOccasional Observer

Recently, my friend, artist, and architect, Then Siew Fung asked if she could use one of my photos to create an artwork. What came out was a wonderful image about the critique of gentrification here in New York. It’s so wonderful to see how my work could go much further than just a photo! It makes me smile. Check out her wonderful website with her work on this link: http://www.nestingground.net/


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