Volga Soviet Car Limited Edition Print

I caught the photo for this illustration on our first day in Kazakhstan this summer. When I saw this car I knew I had to make an illustration of this but I wasn’t sure if it would work for our project. After our project was finished, I decided it would look great as a poster and it somehow represented the image of life in the small towns and cities that work in and around the bazaar culture.


I had these made by a local printer here in Hartford, Connecticut.  The print is a limited edition for our project Voices of Taraz. For those who  donated 200 dollars or more would receive a special printed poster with the name of the project, signed, dated and numbered.


I think the print came out quite nice! I like the satin paper feel of this. The image is at 24 inches x 18 inches.


Above you can see a close up shot of our logo with a Cossack soldier. Cossack soldiers were part of the Russian military and often served at the borders of the Russian Empire. Many of those people who live in Taraz and the rest of Central Asia are descended from this ethnic group.

P1170929 P1170933 P1170942


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