100 Civil War Watercolors Project



Sailor for the Union Navy

Union Civil War Soldier with Handgun in Watercolor by Daniel Gallegos African American Soldiers Stitch General Braxton Bragg Illustration Civil War Soldier High ContrastThe goal of this project is to kick out about 100 watercolors of soldiers from archive photographs of the Civil War. Mostly I am working with old portrait photographs. I’m not doing much to them other than translating them from photos to watercolor on paper. There’s some really interesting stuff coming up with this since I’m able to pick and choose any of the notable characters from this era that I find along the way. I’ll try to post all of them when I’m finished sometime later this year.



Voices of Taraz Rewards for our Kickstarter Campaign

Social Condenser

I’ve been working on a series of watercolors for those who have contributed to our Voices of Taraz project. A lot of really interesting little works that I hope will make our contributors happy that they’ve helped fund our project.


Some of the works are at 5×7 inches and others are at 8×10 inches. They’re all watercolor on paper and each one will be signed, dated, and with notations that it was part of our project.

Artwork Momma and Zhanara

Family portrait.

My Summer Project 2013

Invite for Voices of Taraz Project

Throughout the summer I’ve been working on a project called Voices in Taraz in Kazakhstan. Above is the invite which has already past at this point in time. The exhibit was wonderful and we had a great learning experience. We had a blog for the whole project which was in Russian and English: http://voicesoftaraz.blogspot.com/p/the-idea.html House and Fruite tree Two Buildings in Taraz

Lots of incredible artwork came out of the exhibit! I made some video installations, took lots of photographs and most of all my love for watercolor was fully explored this last summer. I painted my favorite subject which are houses!


And people.
Opening eventVideo Installation and Artwork Viewing a video Viewing Art

We had a wonderful exhibition at the Central Exhibition hall in Taraz! There were all sorts of different people from the community who came! We were really happy to see all of the wonderful people who came to talk about their city and local history!

Gulnara, Daniel and Eva

The artist Gulnara Kospakova (Left) Me, and Anthropologist Eva Marie Debuisson on my right

Opening event

Farukh Badykhov and Sax Player

Event Opening

We got to collaborate with a bunch of really wonderful people too! That’s the real power of art when you can bridge the everyday with a project about their city and they can all contribute a little to the project to make it something really fun! 

Pinata and Children 2 Pinata and Children Pinata and participants in Taraz

My favorite part of the project may have been making a pinata for the kids as a memory of my own childhood to share with them. It wasn’t easy to do something like this because they had little idea how to play this game. I had to teach them plus I had to build the pinata. They had a great time and someone from the exhibit said they were going to build their own too!

I hope to make more projects in the near future! We’ll see what happens next!

Crew of the Battleship Yamato and The Battleship New Jersey

 Battleship New Jersey with Writing Battleship New Jersey

Over the holidays I made some sumi ink drawings for a family member. He is a big war history buff. I thought it appropriate to make a painting of the battleship New Jersey for him since he lives near it and always threatens to take me to see it. We still haven’t been there together but I hope to check it out because I’d love to make some photographs of it and perhaps a  few paintings. The project ended up being a little experiment into a narrative piece because I added a small watercolor of the crew with no faces from the Battleship Yamato. It doesn’t mean much as a piece but it shows you that there could be some potential narrative work here for an art installation. I also added some lettering to see how it would look together. I will have to think more about this idea further down the line.

Fishing Boats

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The above slideshow are of fishing boats from Santa Cruz and Monterey, California. They are watercolors with sumi ink on 5×7 inch watercolor paper for our project called The Brighton Beach Memory Exchange in Brooklyn, New York’s Brighton Beach neighborhood. You can check out our project called Моя Америка (My America) by clicking on the link. The pictures were given to my mother for Mother’s Day on her recent visit to New York.