100 Civil War Watercolors Project



Sailor for the Union Navy

Union Civil War Soldier with Handgun in Watercolor by Daniel Gallegos African American Soldiers Stitch General Braxton Bragg Illustration Civil War Soldier High ContrastThe goal of this project is to kick out about 100 watercolors of soldiers from archive photographs of the Civil War. Mostly I am working with old portrait photographs. I’m not doing much to them other than translating them from photos to watercolor on paper. There’s some really interesting stuff coming up with this since I’m able to pick and choose any of the notable characters from this era that I find along the way. I’ll try to post all of them when I’m finished sometime later this year.


The Eat & Crit Blog

The Eat & Crit Blog

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a group of people here in New York that created a series of artist talks or artist salons in their apartments. It’s a great little project that involves food, a slideshow presentation and … Continue reading

The Spanish Colony in Greeley

Over the last month I’ve been doing research for this graphic novel about my father’s childhood growing up in a work colony in Greeley, Colorado. My goal is to make it look and feel like Colorado in the 1950’s.  I am scouring the internet and looking into books to find images to get a better  sense of  the history in this region. I’m looking at maps and trying to get a greater idea of what it was like in Northern Colorado during the middle of the twentieth century. I’m  also concerned with fashion and what buildings looked like to make the backdrop more authentic. Most of all I am interviewing my father and his family to document their story.

I did get a chance to contact a woman named Sarah L. Brooks a school teacher that hosts this wonderful little website about the history of Greeley.

I also read this great  book  called The White Gold Laborers by Jody and Gabriel Lopez.  This is a story of the Spanish Colony a private housing project built by The Great Western Sugar Company for Spanish/New Mexican/Mexican laborers to keep them from living in Anglo populated Greeley in the 1920’s.

The images of the  Stoop Laborers and the Colony house in this blog post are drawings I made from the photo illustrations in “The White Gold Laborers” to get a better idea of how the comic will look.