100 Civil War Watercolors Project



Sailor for the Union Navy

Union Civil War Soldier with Handgun in Watercolor by Daniel Gallegos African American Soldiers Stitch General Braxton Bragg Illustration Civil War Soldier High ContrastThe goal of this project is to kick out about 100 watercolors of soldiers from archive photographs of the Civil War. Mostly I am working with old portrait photographs. I’m not doing much to them other than translating them from photos to watercolor on paper. There’s some really interesting stuff coming up with this since I’m able to pick and choose any of the notable characters from this era that I find along the way. I’ll try to post all of them when I’m finished sometime later this year.



Tug and Barge on the Hudson

My parents have been visiting New York from California for the holidays. High on my mother’s list of sights is the Statue of Liberty. Instead of paying the money to visit the island we decided to take the Staten Island Ferry  past Liberty Island. I spotted many boats and barges working along the river. This one was carrying garbage. I’ve been wanting to make a watercolor of one of these boats on the waterfront. When I do I’ll post it. I haven’t quite caught a good enough photo along the waterfront here in New York worthy of a watercolor. The photos I took this day were under a lot of cloud cover so I made this vector image. I did find this lovely blog called Bowsprite on New York nautical culture. It’s absolutely the best blog! The artwork is superb!